'Garut 1.1'

With the increasing widespread of drone market space and unimaginably high number of drones in our country, the introduction of new government regulations is an important step in handling the current situation and that of the future too. We have developed a device, "Garut 1.1" that implements and covers all the regulations put forth by the aviation commission.


Advanced Home Automation

AHA! as the acronym goes is exactly the kind of feeling this product provide. A next gen, low power, cost efficient automation innovation with the culmination of embedded system and IoT that lets you control, monitor and secure your home with Smartphone and/or a voice command.



Robotic Restaurant

A state-of-the art innovation set up, growing its roots in the initial stage, the ambition is to create a technologically advanced theme based restaurant with man and machine working in perfect harmony to deliver a unique and magical experience for the customer.


Solar Rooftop

A self sustainable, renewable, modular and eco friendly initiative to produce free electricity of high magnitude for commercial, industrial and agricultural sector across the country to minimize the dependency on non renewable energy sources.


Kinetic Structure

Rustling among the trees and conrete jungle this magnificent structure stands tall almost anywhere, swiveling around the metal loop with prancy wings driven by wind.