Do you have a drone and interested to fly, but worried about the recent government regulations ?

Do not worry!!!

Advitiya R&D Labs brings you a one-stop solution to all the problems with our vigorously tested patented product, “Garut 1.1”, which makes drone DGCA compliant with user-friendly GUI and easy-to-use steps to complete every required process in the pipeline on a triple-layer secured online platform.



Step 2: Booking


Step 3: Installation

Step 1: Registration

Get your drone compliant with DGCA rules with our on-demand device. Complete a simple registration process by pressing the “Register now” button below. All the registered members will be eligible for pre-booking.

Step 2: Pre-Booking

All the pre-registered members will be notified regarding the opening for pre-booking of “NPNT device” which will be made available for purchase and procurement ever since.

Step 3: Installation

With the official launch of the “NPNT device” taken shape in the market, all pre-booking owners will be notified with the complete details of the installation of NPNT device on their respective drones.


1) How will I get “Garut 1.1” installed on my drone?

 Advitiya R&D Labs is planning to establish installation centers in the following cities

  • Bangalore
  • Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Kolkata
  • Hyderabad*
  • Chennai*
  • Chandigarh*
  • pune*

*Centre establishment here is tentative

2) When can I expect the pre-booking?

The pre-booking dates will be made available to all the registered customers with an official email to the registered customers on their email ids.


3) How do i know whether my drone is compliant for the device installation?

A drop-down list is provided to select the drone type in the registration process. Drone type other than the ones shown in the drop-down list is to be provided in the “Other” section, which lets us investigate and research on the respective drone compatibility.